Cheated Then Knocke...
By KimmyUB
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BOOK 1 IN THE ROMANO SERIES (WARNING!!! 18+ ONLY ➡ THIS BOOK CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE AND EXPLICIT MATURE SCENES) Kiara Cambridge is a normal outgoing 27 year old woman. She has the perfect job, perfect home which she shares with her perfect fiance, just the perfect life or so she thought... She got an anonymous text while on a business trip that could ultimately ruin her perfect world, so to put her mind at ease as she does not believe it she leaves her business trip early and fly back home just to prove she is right, but when she gets home that fateful day her whole world came crashing down on her. Now she has to pick up the pieces of her life and start over with the mindset that all men are ASSHOLES & THE WORSE SCUM TO WALK THE FACE OF THE EARTH. Stephano Romano is a cold, ruthless, arrogant, hot headed dangerous man. Everything about him screams RUN, he has everything a bachelor might want or need from fast cars and easy women at the snap of his fingers to billions of dollars more than he could count and multiple homes and businesses. Stephano doesn't believe in love and he doesn't even share a bed with women over night, he just fuck'em and they are dismissed as soon as he catches his breath, his the definition of a FUCKBOY. Nothing matters to him other than his money, cars, business and most importantly his boys/famiglia. What happens when they meet, will she give love a chance and learn to trust again and follow her heart? Will she be the one who melts his cold heart and make him believe he has the ability to love another, more specifically HER... To make matters more complicated throw in the Mafia, crazy ex's, babies and you'll have one crazy ride. Will they end up together? If so Will they make it? Or will she walk away? READ TO FIND OUT!!! *** I DO NOT CLAIM ANY RIGHTS TO ANY OF THE PICTURES, GIFS, VIDEOS OR SONGS I MIGHT USE IN THIS BOOK *** (IN THE PROCESS OF SLOW EDITING)


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Cheated T...
by KimmyUB