Fright Night with A...
By fyrebytch
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It all started while watching Fright Night.... Contains graphic sex...U were warned... Not ur ordinary story Told in 1st person & 3rd person Andy's POV will be underlined in beginning Setting: An apartment building that has been renovated into a plush homeless shelter, the owner having provided every comfort. Andy Biersack happens to be one of the patrons here. He meets the owner, a beautiful young kind hearted woman named Empatha Mayne. She has moved in and taken the responsibility of managing her building, as it was her idea to turn it into a hip shelter. Doing her rounds, she stumbles across Andy's place. He takes one look at the mocha honey skinned goddess before him and immediately needs his plumbing fixed, making Empatha smile. Walking into his apartment, Empatha realized Andy is watching Fright Night, one of her absolute favorite horror movies of all, and the bonding begins.... Things take a turn and get friendly between these two with them meeting up regularly to watch Fright Night. Sexual tension leads to sexual gratification, and Andy and Empatha become inseparable. This is their story.


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Fright Ni...
by fyrebytch