Drag Me Down
By SiaraLlach98
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"Who the hell do you think you are?" "And you?" he moved even closer and my back abruptly hit the car's door, my breath hitching as his grazed my face. "I don't think you realize how things work here. Maybe a few years ago you were the queen but now everything has changed. You get it?" Inwardly I was shaking, and uncomfortable with that extreme closeness. Again I wondered how someone so rotten on the inside could be so attractive. His eyes were threatening, black and deep. The most primal survival instincts shouted through me to look down, but my pride refused to back down. There's no way I was going to let that idiot with the most bloated ego I know think he could intimidate me. So I held his gaze, returning it with the same intensity. "You will not challenge me again." he drew back the words almost hissing and we were so close that his breath caressed my neck and made my skin crawl. "And from now on you will listen to me. Did I make myself clear?" "Screw you, Walker." I pushed his chest again, recovering part of my personal space. " You think you scare me? You are nothing but a bully. I've dealt with kids like you all my life. So you're not going to impress me with your threats." He froze me with a dark half smile. "Oh, but I don't threaten, sweetheart. I just give warnings." ******************** // Pending of revision, I apologize beforehand for the errors you'll find in it //


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Drag Me D...
by SiaraLlach98