The Bartholy Bride:...
By thewitchsscribe
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The Bartholy brothers had been naughty. Girls going missing. Burning through nannies at an alarming rate and fooling around with them on top of it. Consorting with werewolves. Befriending the Osbornes. The Templars going unchecked in their town. Accidents drawing the public eye. The brothers were out of control and Viktor had had enough, so he would send her. She would be able to deal with the situation. She was more than capable of handling the brothers. She would sort them out before he had to return. They would be no match for her. But would she be able to withstand them? This is an 'Is it Love' fanfiction based off of characters created by 1492 studios. All rights and character credit go to them.

Chapter 1

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The Barth...
by thewitchsscribe