End of An Empire: A...
By missmatched123
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Welcome to Etora, a world like no other where three kingdoms stand tall and proud. A land purged by war, battle, and ruin. It has suffered through a ten year war, otherwise known as the Decade War, while it has not been long since the war ended, the peace is already starting to break down as old secrets begin to surface, intentions clouded and the powerful breaking. It seems as the more the world decays, the more the trust between these kingdoms fall putting Avalon, Isora City, and Laenadur in a difficult spot as blood starts to shed and lives are lost. Can the world go back to the peaceful times or will war and kings' greed tear it apart? Started Drafting: 7 September, 2018 First Published: 21 November, 2018 Finished: -----

Estron Kingdom Cast + Background

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End of An...
by missmatched123