Abused and Bought
By BeautycoolSongbird
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"That one there. She's the one." She froze, her eyes bulging. "!?" She thought. "Are you sure sir? She's nothing but a runt!" "I'm very sure." He smirked, flashing pure white fangs. "She's perked my interests quite highly." ********** Grace is 16 years old, waiting in agonizing pain for the day where she's finally bought. She's spent 3 years in pet shops, weak and in every single one, she was abused by if not the owner, the other pets. Because of this, she's become a mute, never uttering a sound when she's being beaten or not. Never had she thought that she would be bought because of it. Until one fateful day. ******** Hi everyone I just wanted to let you know that I do not own any of the songs or pics. I got the pics on Chrome and the songs are from my personal playlists on Spotify juuuust fyi

Boy in the Bubble

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Abused an...
by BeautycoolSongbird