The Sweet Revenge
By D_VladeXCyren
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Danielle and Xander have been bestfriend ever since they were kids, their parents grew up together and they are business partner/ bestfriends. Since their parents are busy in there business they aren't usually home and they live Dani and Xander to take care of each other. Xander has been over protective to Danielle he doesn't let any guy court her especially guys who would just break her heart, same goes to Danielle who was over protective to Xander she doesn't want him to date girls especially if they are flirts. To them they have a special bond that no one can't understand, they may be bestfriend but to them their relationship is more than bestfriend more like a brother- sister relationship even though Danielle was just adopted. They trust each other and they do not keep each other's secret. They know each other from head to toe. They trust each other more than they trust their parents . They got seperated for three year because Xander's dad want to see him, never knowing he will discover his parent's hidden secret. While Danielle will be participating in a Archery Contest that will change her life. After three years Danielle and Xander will meet again! How will Xander tell Danielle that he and his parents are wolves and he is the beta of the Black Winter Pack and what will happen if Danielle found out who her true identity and what she is destined to do? will she accepted it or not? and how will Danielle accept the fact it would affect her and her relationship with Xander and the people around them?


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The Sweet...
by D_VladeXCyren