Back and Forth
By LoveFeelsLonely
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[[ON HIATUS UNTIL I HAVE FINISHED "Prompts for Oneshots"]] "Storm and Silence" 1930s AU: Stability is an idyllic, fleeting illusion only experienced by a select lucky few. Lilly Linton knows this fact just as well as anyone else enduring the plaguing course of the Great Depression. Along with her five other sisters, she spends her days clinging on to the precious memories contained within her late parents' country estate. Until one day, reality comes knocking at the front door- taking the form of a cold, ruthless financier intent on destroying any remaining semblance of peace. With all that she holds dear at stake, Lilly is cornered with limited options. Submit... or fight back. --- --- --- Story is also posted on AO3 and FanFiction.

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Back and...
by LoveFeelsLonely