Again In Neverland
By oncers4life
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Peter Pan is a boy who lives adventures that other kids can only dream of. Lilith Mallory is a stubborn teenager who recently left her home and travelled to the other side of the world. How are the two connected? In the small town of NewCastle, Ireland, Lilith finds herself making friends faster than expected. For example, the Darling siblings who live down the road. Another example? The mysterious boy who appeared at her window one night. In a tale filled with pirates, mermaids, fairies, and Lost Boys, you never know what surprises could come next. Peter Pan is interested by Lilith, but in the end, will this mere interest turn out to be something else? Or will Neverland forever be trapped in a state of darkness. Read 'Again In Neverland' by Oncers4life (author of hit story 'Pandemonium') to find out ⭐ Copyright 2014 © | Oncers4life | All rights reserved

Again In Neverland

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Again In...
by oncers4life