Transferred to a Fa...
By QuietlyMomoko
  • Fantasy
  • antioc
  • cliche
  • fantasy
  • game
  • magic
  • manipulation
  • opmc
  • psychopath
  • reincarnated
  • reincarnation
  • revenge
  • rpg
  • slavery
  • summon
  • transmigration
  • ốc


Nakajima Yuuji, a normal 16-year-old high schoolar you would see in daily life. Seen as a imposter of his family, an eyesore to his classmates, an unwanted trouble to his teachers. 'Miserable' is what he would describe his life as, another word to describe it is, "Boring." Everything is boring to him. He felt like he has experienced it many times, but couldn't remember the exact memory. One day, Yuuji and his fellow classmates were transported to an unfamiliar world, where someone titled as the 'kind' told them they're going to be Heroes to save the war between Human and the Evil forces. Everyone else got good stats except for Yuuji, whose stats were oddly low. He was kicked out of the palace and killed, but then he received a strange message. -Congratulations, you have met the qualification of becoming a power holder- -You are now what humans would call 'God'- -Enjoy-

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by QuietlyMomoko