Rum Cove
By SisterQuill
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[COMPLETE] We Are The Monsters in The Dark 1844 - When Lot, Bran, and Josef take a trip to Hastings to track down a mysterious 'beast' plaguing the residents of a nearby hamlet they find an unexpected mystery. The locals say Field House is cursed but the trio aren't convinced. But as Josef owns property not far away, with sea views, it seems like a perfect excuse to take a family holiday. With the help of Freyja's daughter Jax the trio dig into the history of Field House to find the source of the stories and a figure from Josef's past appears to put Lot to the test. Lot might discover more about Josef and magic then she ever expected. Content Warning: Adult humour, sex, and violence Buy the first book, Victorian Mistress, edited edition with bonus content on Amazon: Buy the second book, Nine Shillings, edited edition with bonus content on Amazon: Read the fourth book, Broad Faker, on Wattpad:

Stuck in the Mud

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Rum Cove
by SisterQuill