The Seventh Cimorel...
By UmIFell
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There isn't 13 cimorelli's there's actually 14 this member just has never been mentioned. Y/n that's her name, she's never been properly introduced to the cim fam. Anyway she's an introvert,and the 2nd youngest coming in at age 14. She has a great bond with all her siblings but she feels quite left out her sisters are always out on tour, or in studios and meetings, her oldest brother works, meanwhile her other brothers are in school too. Her parents also work all day. She is in 9th grade (freshmannnnn) Anyways it may seem like she fine, but Is she really?? (Open Request) ----------------- I'm sorry if there is a lot of cringy, confusing or just simply poor grammar parts I am currently re editing and writing at the same time Thx, Ily Also I take some time to update cuz I'm a lazy busy bum

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The Seven...
by UmIFell