TWDG [Truth or dare...
By oof_twdg
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-Truth or dare with all of the twdg characters from every season of twdg (mainly season 4) and characters from other seasons can be asked truths or dares aswell! -In most of the chapters it's a lot of clouis but over time violentine is thrown in there bc I love both ships!πŸ’— -Any types of dares or truths can be asked! Along with truths and dares that involve ships! All ships are welcome except for ships that like would envovle pedophilia stuff or whatever! -CUSSING IS IN THIS BOOK! So if you don't like cussing then this book probs isn't the best for you! Sorry! -My name is DeeDee and I'm a female btw! πŸ’™ -and I won't get mad if you skip the parts that aren't truth or dare parts btw ;) -uwu

We need to think of truth or dares help

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TWDG [Tru...
by oof_twdg