He was a Nerd (Ongo...
By Bluebein
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Vincent Salazar was a foolish or contemtible guy who lacks social skills or is boringly studios, in short he's a 'Nerd'. Vince was unstylish, can't live without his thick glasses and he's slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuit. He often bullied by the 'Blitz Gang' dahil sa pagiging mahina niya. Not until the day he met a girl, a not-so-ordinary girl. Alexandrea Lim. Alex is an eighteen-year-old teenager, famous pitcher of the softball team, hangs with the guys at minsan rin siyang natatawag na 'boyish' dahil sa pananamit at pagkilos niya. When the both of them unexpectedly meet it goes *boom*. Paano kaya kung ang isang boyish na babae ay pagtagpuin ng tadhana sa isang nerd na lalaki? They are completely opposite. Pero gaya nga ng sabi nila 'opposites attract'. Tunghayan kung paano binago ng isang boyish ang isang nerd and how a boyish girl turned into someone she didn't expected. He WAS a nerd. Vince was a nerd. Language: tagalog/ english !!! Read at your own risk !!!

He was a Nerd

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He was a...
by Bluebein