Bitter Sensation
By Amaka_ibeh
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2018 © Amakaibeh™️ All right reserved! Angela gets in an auto accident, knocked down by Osas Patrick Udoh. A young billionaire CEO passing through a difficult phase of his life. Osas seeming simple, is no-ordinary man, giving he comes from a very powerful family; The dysfunctional Udoh family. Well, Osas becomes Angela's perfect stranger. A stranger who shows her a different kind of warmth, despite he seemed complicated. Osas is far from her impulsive boyfriend, Texas, an arrogant Nigerian rapper with a lot of insecurities. Literally, Osas finds her compelling, but soon realizes the hard way, that her innocence is a façade. Judging her complexity; her many secrets and lies. She is naive but acts like everyone else he knows. This fact was indeed obvious but his hunger and desire to possess her remained the same. Osas however withdraws his interest, facing the truth that Ângela has a rather complicated history with her possessive repellent boyfriend. A history that might involve a secret love-child Plot twist, when Angela lands herself the job of her dream, and discovers her CEO is indeed her perfect stranger. This equally puts Osas in a difficult place, having to decide whether to be a honorable man or give into his WANTS. He could decide to ignore but there are people in his life who always made sure his WANTS becomes a HAVE..... Well, Osas would have to be bold with his decisions or he becomes everything he despises, morally! Thanks @onyekadavid for this amazing cover. You are one in a million. 1st Published on wattpad, 12th September, 2018. Completed 1st January, 2020!


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Bitter Se...
by Amaka_ibeh