Ace (The Saints MC...
By shayxxlove
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Magdalena Avery was a good girl. She loved her family, graduated college like she was supposed to, and dated equally good boys. Until she met him. The bad boy her mother always warned her about, the bad boy who would ruin her life. She should've listened to her mother. Now, Maggie is on the run. With only a few hundred dollars to her name she has no idea where she is headed. All she knows is she can't go back. When Maggie stumbles in to Ace Kings bar, The Saints MC's hangout, she knows she should keep running. She knows she should want nothing to do with Ace and his drug running motorcycle club. She knows he is nothing but trouble, but Maggie can't seem to stay away from trouble even if her life depend on. And this time, it just might.

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Ace (The...
by shayxxlove