It Hurts... Zianour...
By LonelyAsTheAstronaut
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The fact that 1D is on their hiatus doesn't mean that they don't contact eachother anymore. In fact. They were just about to have a fun guy's night when Niall didn't turn up. What happens when they start to look for him? How will they find him? And what happens when old wounds burst open and secrets are about to find it's way out? Rankings: #26 in comfort #2 in niallcentric #7 in niam #1 in nouis !! #11 in louistomlinson #15 in ziall #27 in narry #5 in 1directionfanfic #10 in niall I haven't been on here in a very long time and suddenly I almost had a 1000 votes! I just wanna thank all of you and since I don't like writing an A/N inbetween the chapters I just decided to do it this way. Thank you so much!! LOTS OF LOVE❤🏳️‍🌈 Xx, Life

Chapter 1

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It Hurts...
by LonelyAsTheAstronaut