Exchange Of Hearts
By Aqleemaabeer
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"No love. No hate. Just two strangers here with a twisted fate", Saying that, he walked outside towards the balcony. Yara was surely hurt by his words but that didn't stop her from smiling at his figure outside. "You may think I'm naive, Mr Farooq. But, I won't leave you too soon. You don't know how Yara Hamza is addictive", Meet Nahyan Farooq, a 26 yr old patient yet accomplished man who was successful in handling his own business. He had parents, fame, money and everything but what he didn't have was a heart, which beats only for blood but not for love. Meet Yara Hamza, a 22 yr old preschool teacher who loves shaping little minds, stubborn yet understanding, a woman who you wouldn't want to play with. What happens when these two are forced into something secretive? Will Nahyan be able to ignore Yara? Why does Nayhan possess a cold behaviour in spite of having everything? Will Yara be successful in finding the reason behind Nahyan's mysterious behaviour? Will Nahyan win or Yara? To unleash the lock of your curiosity, go ahead and read the mysterious story of Nahyan and Yara. #1st Spiritual Winner in #TheTetralogyAwards

C o p y r i g h t d i s c l a i m e r

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by Aqleemaabeer