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~Completed~ "Well, I already made you break one. Why don't we just break them all?" I smirked, moving seductively towards him. What was I saying? It must be the damn alcohol talking. I knew it was a bad idea to come to this party in the first place. I saw something flicker his dark green eyes - lust? He leaned in and kissed me deeply again, pulling me into the room all the while, caressing my face lightly before locking the door behind us. *** Belion Carter, your average teenage girl, funny and sarcastic, moves to California, running away from the people trying to kill her and her family. After she attends a party, a rumor about her and the school's star swimmer Alec Ashton swirls, making her popularity increase. The once invisible girl soon becomes popular. And, Alec starts to find Belion and her ever sarcasm amusing. He finds himself drawn to her like a moth to a flame. What happens when these two clash, and feelings start to develop? And worse, when these feelings start to get in the way of life long friendships, threatening to let out secrets? Is their love worth it? Or will they end up burned? Highest rank #4 in teen fiction #12 in romance #5 in love #2 in humor ••••••••••••• Reviews: One of the best books I've read !!! Honestly the whole concept of this book to the very last detail was amazing and emotional !!💞 loved every bit of it - SamXx14 this story is my all-time favorite. It literally took a 180-degree turn in the middle of the book. I was so shocked. I thought I was gonna be that typical book, turns out it wasn't. - trfffffffnfff This book was amazing it had drama, and romance and had me on the edge of my seat waiting for what would happened next. Then it had my extremely happy at some points, mad at some points, and sad at other points. But overall this book wasn't like any romance book I've ever read ❤️ -officialpyta Copyright


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