10,000 Year System
By shesfab
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[BL] Tiu Zhelan is a girl who had given up on life. At just a mere age of 16, she grabbed a blade and slit her wrists, blood flowed just like her consciousness getting lost by the seconds that had past. ‹10000 Year System... Player 01 has passed the requirements... Host approved... Initiating world portals...› 'What the prick is this?!' ‹Greetings, host. I am the first model of '10000' Year System. In 30 seconds you will be transported in nothe next world.› 'I DIDN'T GIVE CONSENT!! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!?' . . . Estimated Chapters: 110 Schedule of Uploading: once per two days (im sorry, the exams are near!!) Some chapters CONTAIN sexual content. I'm pretty sure y'all are used to this since yall clicked on this BL novel, so if it ruins your innocence, I don't give a f*ck. :) (Actually, no. I'm sorry if you lost your innocence)

Prologue + Short Author Notice

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10,000 Ye...
by shesfab