Street Dancers
By Sherelene-chan
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18 year old Natsu Dragneel and and 17 year old Lucy Heartfilia are Street Dancers. Natsu is in a crew called Fairy Tail while Lucy Heartfilia isn't in any crew due to a horrible injury in her previous one, Sabertooth. Every year Fairy Tail and Sabertooth have an annual dance competition called Fairy vs. Tiger or FVT. People put in money and that money would go to the winning team. Usually over 10,000,000j would be put in. 2 years later she goes back to dancing but doesn't dance in front of anyone until a certain boy catches her dancing on the roof of a school called Magnolia Academy during lunch. Turns out, everything goes deeper than Natsu and Lucy had ever thought. As they uncover the truth about each other and dance, things begin to get bumpy. It started with the FvT, will it be the end of it? Will they be able to understand each other? What awaits the duo in their journey of dance? Read to find out!!! DISCLAIMER: Anything Fairy Tail related belongs to Hiro Mashima! all I own is the plot!! WARNING: MAY INCLUDE SOME MATURE LANGUAGE!!

{Arc I} Chapter I: Injury

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Street Da...
by Sherelene-chan