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By alibongo330
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Ali has just moved from the UK to work in the US, but with a strike of luck, ends up getting a one off job with the cast of Smosh, meaning she could meet her idols. Things go well and everyone seems to like Ali, especially Damien Haas, one of the newer members of the Smosh family. Does this mean a new relationship has blossomed in the Smosh office or is there people in their way? Best Achievements: #1 in Damienhaas #1 in Smoshgames #3 in Smosh Disclaimers: - Some characters are real life people where others are simply made up myself. I do not own the characters as they are YouTubers and people in their own rights - Parts of the story are completely made up and others are based on events that have occurred but are not exactly correct - Does contain swearing (although it has been bleeped out) and some sexual references Any comments and feedback on how to improve are gladly accepted in order for me to become a better writer. Please leave them in the stories themselves so I can take the feedback onboard. Give me suggestions on other stories you wish me to write; if I take it on board I will give credit for the original idea when I begin to post.

Chapter 1: First Impressions Matter

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The New E...
by alibongo330