Her Shield | s. rog...
By smilesforhoya
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|| UNEDITED || "I froze in panic, than something lurched me back, and whirled me around, my face burying into it's muscular centre. His muscular centre. I glance up and see Steve looking down at me with a fearful look on his face. It was so close to mine, and he just held me like that for a couple more seconds; arm tightly wrapped around my waist, our eyes just locked onto each other, neither of us able to speak." When Christina Wyatt goes in search for answers about her father's death, she goes to none other than Captain America. After their second meet, something goes terribly wrong and she's forced to flee and taken under the protection of the Avengers. When given countless opportunities to prove herself a her, she does just that, wanting to wipe away her past. But when enemies known to them come after her, will the Captain be there to save the day? Will he be her shield? -- Set before AoU and after CA:WS -- ||DISCLAIMER|| All characters such Steve Rogers and Nick Fury and so forth belong to Marvel.


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Her Shiel...
by smilesforhoya