His Possession
By catwhisker_
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Mia is alone and afraid. Having fled her home that she couldn't possibly call a home has made her encounter Damon, the heir of Bloody Moon pack. Mia begins to fear someone else other than her abusive uncle. She hates Damon for everything he had done to her. She desire to run away from him and never see his face ever again, yet she can't bring herself to be apart from him. âś–WARNING: broken english because english is not my first language Hello this is Cat! This is my veryyyy first story and my english aren't that good :'D the first chapter maybe a bit boring but as you read further, I'm sure you'll regret it if you stop reading half way HAHAHAHA! have fun reading and feel free to comment if there's somehow broken eng or anything! Well then, enjoy!!! ?

chapter 1

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His Posse...
by catwhisker_