To trap a playboy
By jannawrites
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"I know who you really are, Ace. You can stop pretending now." Warm breath fanned my skin as his lips inched closer to mine. "I- what?" I stumbled over my own words as his emerald eyes pierced into mine with rage. "I said stop pretending!" His shouts almost overpowered the heavy sound of bass coming from the other room. As his fist landed next to my head, making a small dent in the wall, I tore my gaze from his. With all the strength in my body, I put my palms on his chest and in one quick motion, pushed him out of my way. "I'm not the only one pretending here, Nicolas." I spat out before ripping the door open and leaving him standing with both fists clenched to his sides and anger pulsating from his skin. _________________________________________ After getting her heart broken, Dylan Monroe slowly starts to despise everything regarding love. When a drunken girl accidentally stumbles into her at a party and cries on her shoulder after being dumped by a guy, Dylan takes it into her own hands to get justice of his player ways. And the only way to do that, is play him before he can play another girl. Only problem is; Nicolas Parker isn't easily impressed.


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To trap a...
by jannawrites