Rupa Book 2
By Pankt1
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The poignant tale of a self-blaming girl, set in the late 1990s of India, continues When she gets married to the man who molested her. A girl whose life is filled with sorrow and regret, finally gets a chance to give an entrance exam for fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor, to save others' lives but her examination center of the university turned out to be miles away from her home, so she had to go there by train. But she missed her train, the taxi she took its driver tried to molest her and her mother died. All this got her thinking that she should end her life. The crow never shook the dust of snow in her life until. Independent Sequel to Rupa Book 1 | Yesterday she had agreed to marry the man her father wanted her to the same person who raped her! But why? |


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Rupa Book...
by Pankt1