I Love You (a Butch...
By itz_Mint
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After loosing interest in being criminals, the RowdyRuff Boys decide to get rid of HIM once and for all. Trapping him in an alternate dimension with unimaginably cold temperatures seemed like a good idea, but HIM had just gone dormant, waiting for the right moment to strike his revenge. They decided to make peace with the PowerPuffs and hopefully gain their trust. At first the girls were hesitant, thinking it could be one of HIM's sinister, evil plans but after some convincing from the boys, they agreed and slowly started to trust them. As the weeks went by, the boys started to develop feelings for the girls. Soon 2 years flew by and the Puffs and Ruffs were content, they had each moved in with their counterpart. And at the worst moment possible, HIM comes back. What happens when the he captures the boys and forces them to break up with the Puffs so they can date the PPNKG? Mostly(Butchercup)✔ (Blossick)✔ (Boomubles)✔ Undergoing A LOT of editing. I don't own the ppgz Pictures belong to their respective owners I only own the plot OC's that will later on be introduced. Please don't copy my work Warning:Might contain cursing and Mature content.

Chapter 1

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I Love Yo...
by itz_Mint