We must escape 2: A...
By thesacmun
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Earth is gone...and it's all six and sevens fault, if they could've just held back the urge to procreate none of this would've happened. But now they're both dead so there's nothing they can do about that little monstrosity they created aside from just thinking to themselves, "What've we done...?" While rotting in hell. But are they really dead? Well if I'm making a sequel then obviously not, but now that we know they aren't dead how are they gonna stop this apocalypse and find a way to defeat their own child? Well read the fu$king book if you wanna find out.... Author: HOI FELLAS ITS YA BOI SACMUN GAMER XD HERE WITH A SEQUEL TO MEH MOST POPULAR BOOK WE MUST ESCAPE!! Godzilla: YEAH IT WAS LIKE TOTALY CRAY CRAY TO WORK ON DIS MASTAPIECE!!! Author: SO IM LIKE PLANNING ON MAKING THIS BOOK AT LEAST 20 CHAPTERS LONG OR MOWA SOOO LIKE THATS FUN!!! Godzilla: ITS GONNA BE LIKE AMAZING-You know what I'm fu$king sick of acting like a YouTube lets player... Author: me too...now then I hope you all enjoy this book-AND I PROMISE YOU THAT THIS BOOK WONT BE AS CRINGEWORTHY AS THE DESCRIPTION MAKES IT OUT TO BE TRUST ME ON THAT!!! Godzilla: Yeah trust him on that!!! Can I get back to watching the eddsworld crew do fortnite dances now?

Prolouge part 1

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We must e...
by thesacmun