There Are No Words
By WriterAEF
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READ THIS NOVEL FIRST, OR STAND ALONE. It's not a secret. She's not holding back. It's not her memory. She remembers everything. Even though she wants to tell the world, Jenny can't. Tragedy strikes, and Jenny's world is stripped away. She struggles to save her broken mind. The words are there, but they won't come out. Jenny is smart. She can think. She knows who she is and what she wants to say, but Aphasia has rendered her speechless. Walker is in love with Jenny. He has been since they were kids. Just as their relationship begins, however, he is sent to war in Afghanistan. He thought he had time. He thought they both did. But, the aftermath of the accident speeds up his enlistment, and he is forced to leave Jenny at a time when she needs him the most. Traumatic brain injury and war tear their relationship apart. To make it through, Jenny and Walker will have to face their struggles head-on, overcoming challenges they never imagined. Putting the pieces back together has never been so hard. One Half of the Brain Hemisphere Series-Left Hemisphere Traumatic Brain Injury Completed 2018: *Achieved #1 in "Self-Defense" Category 2019: *Achieved #1 in "Traumatic Brain Injury" Category *Achieved #1 in "Aphasia" Category *Achieved #2 in "Marines" Category *Achieved #2 in "TBI" Category *Achieved #3 in "Growing Up Together" Category Awards: *Achieved 3rd Place: July 2019: Blue Rose Awards: Unknown Author Novel Teen through Young Adult Teen through Young Adult Romance Teen through Young Adult Fiction


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There Are...
by WriterAEF