Children of The Und...
By Ben_Soele
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Magic is a force of nature. And in the country of Mednagora, it can be studied, understood, and even harnessed into strange and wondrous technology. But every new advancement comes at a price: magic must be harvested as "artifacts" from The Zone: one of many hotspots of wild magic, where fireballs and lightning bolts surge forth from the very ground, where wildlife is mutated into grotesque, hideous monsters, where even the dead sometimes rise from their slumber. The Zone must be explored by vedmaks, pathfinders and daredevils that wander it in search of viable sources of artifacts. Two of these vedmaks, Misha Sorokina and her protege, Drazhek Sventoslavichi, embark on a quest into The Bald Mountains, in search of an underground cache of artifacts. But if such grave peril marks the surface of The Zone, then what trials await beneath The Earth?

Chapter 1: The Shubin Tavern Pair

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by Ben_Soele