Silent Luna
By Cavalier_Spaniel
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Eirenae Leigh's mother died when she was seven; she hasn't uttered a word since. Eirenae's father blames her for the tragic car accident and has been abusive towards her ever since. If he is suspicious of someone onto them, they pack up and move. Eirenae isn't allowed to make any friends because of it. So when she arrives at a new school and energetic Jaycee May starts to talk to her, and even introduces Eirenae to hang out with all her friends, Eirenae gets worried. These people are nice but they keep using strange words like "rogue," "alpha," and "pack." To top it off, a scary guy with changing eyes says she's his and won't leave her alone. The twist: Eirenae doesn't know she's a werewolf. Kota Anderson recently became Alpha of the Shining Moon pack, but he's missing one thing: his Luna. When his whole pack smells a rogue on their land, he tells everyone to leave her alone. His friend Jaycee doesn't listen and invites her into their group anyway. What happens when he find out this girl is his mate; the Luna he's been searching for? He needs to find a way to get Eirenae to open up to him. The main thing standing in his way: Eirenae's past. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -Book 1 -This is the rewritten version of my first werewolf book! That book's highest ranking was #103 in Werewolf and reached almost 50k reads -Precedes "Fatal War" -Started: August, 2018 - Completed: May 1st, 2019 -Will edit eventually -#3 in Mate: 9/8/2019 -#1 in Abuse: 9/21/2019 -#6 in Werewolf 9/26/2019 -#1 in Mate 10/5/2019 -#1 in luna 10/16/2019 -#5 in Werewolf 12/20/2019 -#4 in Werewolf 12/24/2019 -#3 in Werewolf 12/26/2019 -#1 in Whitewolf 1/28/2020 -#1 in Mute 2/9/2020 -#2 in Telekinesis 4/25/20

Introduction/Important Things

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Silent Lu...
by Cavalier_Spaniel