Chasing Pearls
By Le_Muslim_MAN
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Good things come to those who wait, but what of those who choose to chase fate? Might all good efforts go to waste, for those who pursue their goals in haste? Ahmad Abdul-Aziz has lived by many titles; Muslim, American, poet, student, son, and friend. For the past few years of his life, however, he has yearned to claim one more: husband to one Ahlaam Majdi, his beloved from across the pond. After six years away from his California home, Ahmad returns with a mission and new motivation. Across the seas he journeys, seeking love and a new life, but not everything comes as expected. Where there is love, there is hatred; and honeymoon bliss, like a dream come true, can be turned into a nightmare when the hate comes through. A bigoted band of belligerents brings terror into the young couple's life, and Ahmad is left with just one chance to save his new wife. With faith, love, and all the persistence in the world, Ahmad is ready to risk everything in pursuit of his precious pearl...

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Chasing P...
by Le_Muslim_MAN