Fire and Ice
By Leto_Svec
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Roman was an engineer working at a very shity company. Her life is normal- wake up, eat, take her medication, go to work, get yelled at for not getting her designs approved, take the bus home, eat, collapse in the bed, and repeat it all tomorrow. It was boring but it was a very simplistic life just what she needed in a busy place like New York. When Roman goes to work one day she completes her job does everything the same way she does year after year after year and comes home eats and goes to bed. She hears a thud in the darkness she gets up to find out what it was. It couldn't have been her cat Peter he would never make a noise out loud. She's completely shocked as she finds a bloody man sitting on her couch. He clutches his side as he bleeds all over her floors. The dark Prince she would soon know as Loki is completely helpless. But she doesn't take advantage of him, she helps him. _ _ _ _ A Original Character x Loki Laufeyson Fan Fiction [COMPLETED]

Chapter 1

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Fire and...
by Leto_Svec