an unwanted star.
By yuggiekyum
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❝I love sweet things, hyung.❞ ❝How come you don't love yourself, then?❞ ------------------------- Seven boys get added to a group chat randomly, neither of them having any contact from before this moment. They decide to stay, and talk, sharing selfies, gossip, and just facts about themselves. Everyone has that one person who they click with, for Jimin, that's Namjoon. highest ranking; #1 in crackheads -------------------------- Characters - Kim Namjoon - GOD - A witty, charming guy, who spent most of his days in school. Highly intellectual, but he can have fun, too. He's rather carefree, optimistic, and open to new ideas. Kim Seokjin - qtseok - A cheerful, happy male who's always joking, laughing and smiling. Nobody can resist his jokes, no matter how silly and bad. His smile is contagious, people say, and so are his looks. Min Yoongi - yoongix - A pessimistic, sarcastic, irritable guy whose duality is unbelievable, able to curse you down in a rap song, and then cuddle you afterwards, though he's never admitted to that. Jung Hoseok - hobiversed - A caring, cheerful, over-the-moon boy who is always smiling. His energy makes you wonder why you're always so tired, and his extrovert personality makes you question why you're friends with such a character. Park Jimin - seoulmin - A friendly, gentle guy who is always smiling, his laugh in contagious and made of rainbows, yet he's always quick to point out his mistakes, and always telling others to take care of themselves when he barely does that for himself. Kim Taehyung - lattae - A dorky, endearing guy who is always stuck to video games, drawing, or being outside. He always has his phone on him, just incase his favourite game releases a limited addition dlc. Jeon Jungkook - wtfgguk - A young, grouchy, sarcastic boy who's too rich for breathing, apparently. He inherited a "small" fortune from inheriting his father's company, and also works as a bodyguard. Nobody messes with him.


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an unwant...
by yuggiekyum