Spider-Man: Far fro...
By alittlemoreofu17
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This is my interpretation of the new Spider-Man movie. Tony is dead and Peter is taking it really hard. I think I'm gonna bring Thor and Shuri into it (or at least mention them) because if they don't meet in Avengers 4, I will riot. There is no smut or anything like that (since it seems that's all there is on this site) but I think there will be a little bit of Peter and MJ cause let's face it she wouldn't have looked at him like that in the last movie if she didn't feel something (unless marvel has something crazy planned that no one knows about not even Tom) and they wouldn't have made Michelle stand out that much if she wasn't going to be important in the long run. It Takes place in Italy, then in France. Will try to make it as close to the characters as I possibly can because y'all are just writing for smut (face it) and don't have any character development or anything like that (with a few exceptions). There's a lil bit of cussing but I mean they're teenagers let them live. If u haven't noticed I'm pretty negative but click on it if u want or not it's cool

The Beginning

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by alittlemoreofu17