Finding Euphoria
By Charlie_Juniper22
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Eight peoples lives all change at the same time. Not for the better. But they all end up together. Namjoon and Jin are in love, they know it. They can feel it. But when their homophobic parents find out, they are told to leave and never come back. Yoongi tells his parents that he intends to pursue his music career, regardless of what they think. You can imagine how that argument went. Hoseok's family died in a house fire when he was fifteen. He battled depression and suicidal tendencies, and he still does to this day. He wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for his best friend Taehyung. Taehyung's life changed two months ago, his girlfriend got pregnant. The two were nervous, but they loved the child nonetheless. When her parents find out, they send her away. He's still searching. Jimin's home life isn't a good one. His father is a nasty drunk that abuses his mother. He tries to help, but ends up with a beating as well. One day, he makes a fatal mistake while protecting his mother. Jungkook and Jiwoo are perfect for each other. Everyone can see it. They're lives are sad but they find happiness with each other. But death affects more then the person it takes. ~ An AU I imagined up inspired by the Euphoria music video. Will contain mature content such as: Cursing, depression, death, self harm, extreme feels, sex, etc. One of my first stories so please give me tips and advice on writing.

1. Namjoon and Jin

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Finding E...
by Charlie_Juniper22