Potent: Book 1
By acodellwriter
  • Fantasy
  • adventure
  • antihero
  • combat
  • emperor
  • empire
  • explosion
  • explosions
  • fantasy
  • fighting
  • gods
  • herbalism
  • intersex
  • low-
  • low-fantasy
  • magic
  • pantheon
  • polytheistic
  • potion
  • potionmaking
  • potions
  • slowburn
  • teen
  • university
  • woman
  • women


For shop girl Evin, alchemy is an understood part of life. She learned how to brew superior potions at a young age and can't imagine her life without the use of Alertness, For General Pain, and Menstrual Cramp Cure. Though already apprenticed to a local master alchemist, she can't help feeling that there might be more for her to achieve. In a different part of the continent, Master Bricot teaches alchemy at the University of Craestor and is working feverishly at his residency project--translating the sacred document The Facerum--when a student of his approaches him seeking help on an unprecedented issue. And south of Craestor in Daitak Capital, the Seat of the World, Emperor Regent Bryn Beynon can't stand potions or those who make and sell them, believing their use, especially martially, to be barbaric and cruel. His first act when coming of age will be to begin imposing legal strictures on the use and sale of such items. Out in the Wilds of Tief, Craix, who travels alone, has never been safe. Not since she was born. Forever trying to evade her pursuers, she travels across the country, constantly intercepting important messages. And over all people in the realm of Heladrith, a pantheon of powerful gods sits in judgement and benevolence, silent for centuries--but not for much longer. Potent is an original, third-person omniscient, past-tense, low fantasy tale with an ensemble cast of approximately eight characters of different genders, orientations, colors, and classes. --Seeking beta readers for this manuscript! Please comment and leave feedback!--

Chapter 1: In the Stars

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