Take Over
By LolaOnTheInterweb
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"S-Stay, p-please," Keith mumbled, hiding his face in his pillow. Lance nodded climbing beside the small boy. Keith turned to face him, his face flushed as he looked at Lance, "T-Thanks." "For what?" Lance whispered, his breath close enough for Keith to touch. "B-Being by my side," Keith moved closer to Lance, closing the small distance between them, "I-I thought y-you'd all hate me." "Why would you think that?" "Ha," Keith let out a bitter laugh, "I'm half Galra. I share half of my DNA with a race who has killed countless civilizations, not to mention they kidnapped Shiro and Katie's family, and they-" "Exactly, "they". You didn't help them do any of that, right?" Lance touched Keith's forehead with his own, drinking in the feel of his soft skin. "N-No but-" "No "buts", you didn't choose to be born part Galra, and you have more than proved you're a paladin." "Allura and Coran hate me," Keith mumbled, trying to find some way to prove that they did indeed hate him. "No they don't, just give them some time to adjust," Keith turned around, pulling Lance's arm around him, "They have to get used to you. None of us hate you, not the smallest bit." Lance waited for Keith to argue but the boy had already fallen asleep. Lance hugged the boy tighter as he copied his steady breaths. "I could never hate you." ------------------------------------------------- Keith gets kidnapped during a simple mission of the paladins. He's tortured and abused for three days, leaving him a damaged mess. The paladins finally find him and bring him home, but Keith is acting strange, stranger than usual. I obviously don't own Voltron. If you thought that, you're not all there when it comes to brains, thanks for the laugh though. Just got #1 in galra - 11/2/18 Thank you, you wonderful people!


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Take Over
by LolaOnTheInterweb