Love equals You
By SamLondon2018
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#93 in FirstLoves out of 1.48K stories on 18/10/2018 A modern love story with a passion that will set you on fire..... Ali has been in love with Clara since the day he met her, at the tender age of ten, although she doesnt know that. Clara is in love with him, although he doesn't know that either, but Ali's criminality is what is keeping him from telling her. He doesn't think he deserves her at all. Who will be the first to break and declare their love? Or will they both go through life without experiencing a love worth fighting for? When his life is in danger because of a rival gang, and a family feud will he finally see that life is too short to be without the girl he loves?

Ali (Winter 2000)

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Love equa...
by SamLondon2018