When Two Worlds Col...
By JinxWave18
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Leahna Jade Granger and Hermione Jean Granger are cousins. They both got accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry even though they were Muggle-borns. Hermione was relatively excited, but Leah, being very insecure felt like she wasn't good enough. Why her? Hesitant, but eventually motivated by her cousin, she decides to go. Will she fit in with the other people at Hogwarts? What happens when she meets a certain red head? Will she regret going, or thankful she did? What happens when two different worlds collide? (I will write the story based from Book 1 up until 7!) Warning: Some chapters might want you to throw your.. - iPads - iPhones - laptops - whatever device you are using Some chapters will make you cry. - Be prepared with tissues Some chapters are full of "ship" moments <3. - George + Leah (Top 1 of course) - Fred + Leah - Draco + Leah - Seamus + Leah - Ron + Hermione - Harry + Ginny - and other ships~

When Two Worlds Collide (George Weasley love story)

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When Two...
by JinxWave18