Lying Eyes | Traito...
By kixotical
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If you asked anyone in class 1-A what they thought of Denki Kaminari, it would most likely be around the same answers: very flirty and outgoing, not being afraid to show his excitement for something. Maybe he's not the brightest bulb in the box and has a bit of a mischevious side to him, but he's still able to make everyone laugh when he shows his brainless side after going over his wattage limit. No matter what, he's one of the closest members of class 1-A. No one would have guessed that it was all a lie. No one would have thought that it was all a con, a front to lower everyone's expectations so that he could carry out what he needed to do. No one would have thought that Denki Kaminari, the loveable idiot from class 1-A, had been working to betray them all. AU where Kaminari is the U.A. traitor as well as a psychopath and sociopath.


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Lying Eye...
by kixotical