The Shadows of Natu...
By GardenOfProserpine
  • Spiritual
  • contemporaryfantasy
  • darkfantasy
  • dimension
  • emotions
  • entity
  • existence
  • hardfantasy
  • illusions
  • mental
  • narration
  • past
  • philosophy
  • reality
  • shadows
  • spiritual
  • thoughts


In the world of the Shadow Beings a lot is unknown. It is understood by few and realised by less than that. However, those few Shadows are ancient and despite knowing everything they learn it all again as they strive to protect All from Rage. Only a few will be able to sympathise with Rage. They will bring Change from History to All. The first part of this book is the prequel to 'Shadow Beings' and the last part is the sequel to the same. *It is highly recommended that you read this with the the black background. Also, you may find ideas that are confusing. Some are meant to be that way and some are incomplete thoughts that will be complete through your perception/imagination.

What Is

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The Shado...
by GardenOfProserpine