Sherlock ( Hades Ga...
By Aquamira
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• Layla • No one wanted me until him. He was my savior, my hero. I loved him. But we were torn apart by the system. Once again no one wanted me. I was a shadow. Hiding from the demons around me, lurking in broad day light. Until someone noticed me, someone who told me I was beautiful. I should have known better than listen to pretty words. • Sherlock • After surviving on my own, living on the streets, I've found a family. A family that understood me. They gave me the tools to survive in this fucked up world. The only thing missing is the love of my life. The girl that was ripped away from me all these years ago. *This story contains violence, mature language, sexual content and dark themes* **I don't own any of the pictures used in this story; all right go to their rightful owners**

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by Aquamira