Love for the Street...
By _jasthewriter
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It's 'Killed or be Killed' and living in New Orleans, you start to live by the 'Survival of The Fittest' mentality. Everyone's trying to make it and be something, but there's only ever room for one person to be on top. August Alsina, only 19-years-old, the hardest thing out in New Orleans, that is after his brother Mel, who was gunned down at the local corner store. No one saw anything and of course the cops never caught the perpetrator, so he's on a mission. Kill anyone who tried to stop him and find the person who took his best friend's life and make him suffer for all those years he had to. Skylar Matthews only 17 and in her last few months of school. Life gets hard when it takes a turn for the complete worse. It was unexpected, horrid and downright traumatizing, but one person knew it would happen that's why he left her a note... Will she get the Justice she deserves or will she be stuck wondering who and why forever? When you come face to face with the Devil just how far are you really willing to go? ©️2018 _jasthewriter

1.) Where it all started.

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Love for...
by _jasthewriter