Wife for Hire
By worldgirlalways
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I stood naked, clutching my dress to my torso to cover as much as I could. "You should leave," I whispered. Instead of listening to me, he stepped forward, setting his hands on the bathroom sink behind me. "Noah, please go." "Not till you tell me what's wrong." I shook my head. I couldn't tell bring myself to tell him the problem. His hand traveled up my arm till it reached the bare skin of my neck. He leaned in, brushing the tip of his nose against my neck. I felt every muscle in my body fall weak. My breaths came out in heavy puffs. I turned my face away just as he pushed my jaw up, planting a soft kiss a little under my ear. His touch was dangerous to my body. I couldn't allow this proximity to happen under any circumstance. Not only was I faking my relationship with him but also risking losing my morale. - - - - - - - - - - When her mother commits suicide, the responsibility of her brothers fall on her. Seher Lulu Mirza has no choice but to find someone to marry so she can get citizenship. Getting help from a childhood friend turned into a hot, rich bachelor, she embarks on a fraud marriage they must prove true. Noah Miller is ecstatic to use Seher as a pawn to persuade his mother to let him marry the girl he actually loves. Life, of course, doesn't proceed the way they wish to. For Seher to get a Green Card, they must go through every single relationship test to prove their marriage isn't a duplicity. Things go strange when Zain Gul enters the picture.


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Wife for...
by worldgirlalways