The Forgotten Claim...
By Joflower
  • Werewolf
  • amnesia
  • baby
  • daughter
  • family
  • forgiveness
  • hope
  • human
  • humanmate
  • love
  • mate
  • matebond
  • mature
  • pregnancy
  • romance
  • secondchance
  • soulmate
  • warrior
  • werewolf
  • wolf


[COMPLETE] After a night filled with passion, Olivia wakes up in her hotel room alone, the man who professed to love her gone. Pregnant with his child, she moves on with her life when it is apparent that he only used her for sex. Cameron is a werewolf, a warrior of the Zhooniyaa Miskwi (Silver Blood) Pack. He doesn't care that his soulmate is a human and is over the moon when he finds her. But when an attack on his pack has him dashing out of bed, fully intent on returning to her as quickly as he can, he never anticipated nearly dying and falling into a coma. When he wakes, he doesn't remember her at all and goes about life as he normally would. Until he meets her again 5 years later. [CONTAINS 1 MATURE SCENE] --- She couldn't move. Couldn't gather air into her lungs. She stood there and stared at him as he strode across the open-concept living room to the kitchen. Her senses snapped back into place when he was a few meters away and she lifted her hand up to stop him. "What are you doing here?" "So, you do know me." Was he insane? He had to be. She pointed to the front door. "Get out." "Why should I?" he challenged. "It's an open house, isn't it?" The blood rushed to her face. "I am not falling for that trick again. Now, get out." "Are you married?" He took a step forward. She took a step back. "What?" "Have a boyfriend?" He took another step forward, his eyes holding her captive. Another step back had her bumping against the kitchen counter. "What? No." "Good. Because you're mine." --- THE CLAIM SERIES: BOOK 1: The Forgotten Claim BOOK 2: The Defiant Claim BOOK 3: The War Claim (Coming April 1, 2020)

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The Forgo...
by Joflower