Locked Away
By RaeWolf2004
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"Your MINE. Lexy. Remember that. All mine." Those were the last words I heard before I felt his lips go to work on my neck. He tied me back down to the bed so I was at his mercy once more. He was on top of me already naked rubbing his dick near my entrance as if wanting to put me in the constant fear when he'll put it in. I'm still a Virgin and I don't want it. I can't fight it but I don't want it. Not a moment later I felt a wave of pain as I cried out, begging for him to stop. He wouldn't though. I could feel my innocence slip away. This was the end of my life I thought. No more happiness. I'm stuck with a monster in his basement. Locked Away.

Losing it all

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Locked Aw...
by RaeWolf2004