My chubby girl
By Shy_RMG
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"Do you actually think I like you?" He asked coldly. He looked down at you, you were trapped against a wall with his hands on either side of your head. You whimpered, as he held your face harshly. "Look at me" he said in a dark tone. You looked up, and stared into his dark brown eyes. It made you shiver, as he stared at you intensely. A evil smirk spreading across his beautiful features. "Listen here, babygirl, you and I will never happen. I would never date a fat girl like you." You knew quite well that you and him will never happen, but his words still affected you. You let the pain surge through your heart and swallowed that clogged up feeling you felt in your throat. You gazed up at him, a bitter smile curling up your lips. "Whatever you say, Jimin" with that you walked off leaving him dumbfounded. ____ A story about loving one self and not caring what other people think. [#1-chubby (27/09/19)] (In the beginning chapters my writing was horrible please bare with my mistakes I am currently correcting, editing and making few changes. Thank you!)


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My chubby...
by Shy_RMG