The Undead And Othe...
By M_Sway_Writes
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"I seem normal, for all intents and purposes. That is until the hunger sets in and I lose my mind, then I go on a Bambie killing spree." Sydney Walsh wants nothing more than to graduate high school at the top of her class. With a scholarship to her dream school almost in her grasp, she pushes herself to succeed. But all her dreams go up in smoke when a late night run turns deadly. With no recollection of what happened to her and some valuable memories missing, Syd is changing into a creature pulled straight from a nightmare. Teaming up with Noah Miller, the coroner's son, they soon discover that her missing memories were only the tip of a very dangerous iceberg. With a creature in the woods stalking the people of Brookfield, senior year is about to get way more complicated. ---------------- Started: 31/8/18 Finished: 28/3/2019 Editing: 20/5/2019 2nd Draft: 29/10/2019 3rd Draft: 3/4/2020 ---------------- Contains descriptions of violent acts that might be upsetting to some readers. There are no mature scenes in this book but it's still rated as such due to the violent nature of some scenes. Now featured on WattpadZombie in Viral reads! © Laurens 2018 ***This gorgeous cover was made by none other than @CannabalisticNecro***

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The Undea...
by M_Sway_Writes