Gangleader Academy
By xoGraceLynnxo
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Clarissa Grayson Tate grew up in a wealthy home. From a far, her family looked perfect. To anyone who saw them in a picture or exchanged a few words with them at a party they were lucky enough to be invited to, they seemed like an annoyingly perfect, privileged, happy family. But to anyone who knows them, the Tate's are anything but perfect. With a drug addict of a mother and an abusive gang leader father, Issa and her brother Elijah hardly live the perfect life. Far from it. The only person Issa can rely on and truly trust is sent away to a boarding at her fathers command. A boarding school that turns teens into killing machines and gang leaders. When Elijah is sent away Issa is put under lock and key until it's her turn to start following her fathers footsteps. TWO YEARS LATER;; And Issa is tough as nails. Finally old enough to go to Silvington Academy with her brother. Out of the hell hole she calls home and free at last... well sort of. Out of one prison and into another. But this one has drama, love triangles, and alcohol. So basically just high school. Piece of cake.... right? ** WARNING ⚠️ This story has Mature scenes and themes, some sexual innuendos, crude humor, cringe moments, and contains some references to physical and mental abuse and some every day problems kids have with abusive or alcoholic parents and touches on some points that may trigger you. Read at your own risk.

1. Prologue

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by xoGraceLynnxo